Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 93

If u've been hurt before,
never be afraid
to try once more..
just like
narnia told:

things nver happen the same way twice..


go 4 d one hu loves u
nt only 4 d 1 u lve its nver
wrng 2 love a prson hu blongs 2 sam1else
bt it is always btter 2 love u cn call
"ur own"


"It's sad when two people see the same star, & yet
wish for two different things.

He waits for another, She waits for him.
and so they never meet. =(


in LOVE, u have to expect absence at some point but
that doesn't mean an end. all u u have to do is to
wait for a time & give the person a space because
true love is proved when a person has seen in the world, but
still turns back to where u are, reaches for ur hand,
& chooses u above the world's best..


i've always wanted to be free, to fly away
& never return.
but then , somewhere beyond that, i wish to be owned
to be held, & never be let go.


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