Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 75

"one of the best feelings in the world is..

..realizing you're perfectly happy.

..without the thing or sum1 u thought
u needed the most."


"Whenever u feel weak, rmmber those who make u stronger..

& wenever u start to doubt yourself, remmber those who
believe in you..


"The mind grows by taking in, but the heart grows by
giving out.."

"a crisis doesn't break a person; it reveals what a person
is made of."


only music can make us sing..
only music can make our feet dance..

and only music can make our minds reminisce back
to our past..

but what is important about music is..

They can be the voice of what we feel inside..


when we are muted by the words of the heart.


a lot of things could be said within a little
period of time..
but what matters is..

how long you will really mean it..


"the greatest thing in life is to have someone
who embraces ur faults and weaknesses but still
willing to give you so much love without doubt."


Prayer s not a spare tire
we pull out when we feel our life has gone
prayer shud be the steering wheel that directs our life to the
right path...=)


"one hard thing in this life is,
wen u know inside our heart dat u lyk something but u
run out of reasons to fight for wat u feel..


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