Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 74

keep this concepts in mind.

u've failed many times although u don't
rmmber. u fell down d first tiem u tried to walk
u almost drowned d first time u tried to swim.

don't worry about failure..worry about the CHANCES
u miss wen u don't even TRY :)

do ur best & never give up..


its better to loose him now and have him
later than to have him now and loose him forever..


"sometimes, u have to run away..not just to create
distance..but to see who cares enough to run
behind and pull u back..


can't find the right words for a certain situation?
just giv dat prson a hug.

words have the potential to confuse but hugs nver lie..


don't expect anything frm anyone..

expctations hurt.

when u don't expct , every moment is surprise
& every surprise brings happiness."


have u noticed d grass?

even if sumbody steps on it, it nver
gets nver hurts others too.

when a wild storm attack, all d big trees
get uprooted. but d simple grass survives.

so be noble and humble like d grass.

simple but strong..


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