Monday, June 22, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 91


two people have to fall apart..

For them to realize..

how much they need to fall back together...


We may fall in love fast, but sometimes
it wouldn't last..

we may flirt but then it wasnt worth the dirt..

we may have feelings 4 another even if we
already have someone but still we end up
with the one who gave life its true meanings..

people r everywhre..

but true luv is just rare..


"once u lose someone,

it is nver exactly the same person who
comes back!..


wn ur do u wnna be with?

wn ur do u wnna see?

wn u fil btrayed. to hum wil u run 2?

i knw, not me...

but i can be..=)


"r u nluv wen u miz a prson?"

a psycholgst sed..


"it s juz a state of mind wer u fill lonely
and wanting 2 b wid sum1 hu appreciates u..


It doesn't matter how LONG it would take for
LOVE to find u, wat u should knw is dat..

OUt there somewhre, there is someone who will luv u..


he told me he hates to see me crying,suffering, & in vain..

i'm just wondering if all this time,

he's closing his eyes?



did u knw dat the hart has no pain receptors
so the next time someone breaks ur heart,
move on. ur pain is just an illusion,
a temporary psychological disturbance that u
have to ovrcome. in short,
it's all in the mind..


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