Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 87

sum pipol r sw8 at 1st..
serious at 1st..
bt y do sum ppol chang aftr u luv dm so mch?
myb ol rmntic momnts only happn at 1st

bt NEVER lasts..


"it's hard to let go of someone who has touchd ur life
bt it hurts more to say goodbye to someone when he was NEVER
yours yet changed ur lyf the most.


i cn not spare his hart 2 b mine..


i cn spare d time 2 let hm realize dat...

he's mine.;)


"the way someone treats when u're together,
is somethng to be considered but the way they respect
u when 're not around is much more important..


"don't put your heart in someone's heart hands,
until you're sure that they know how to hold it.


I dnt nid sum1 prfect..
I dnt evn nid a wealthy 1..

I jst nid sum1
hu cn undrstand

nd hu cn b w/ me n tyms
wen im under my unwanted attitude.


"to love someone doesn't mean 2 commit
wid that prson..

sumtyms your just have 2 be satisfied wid watever connction
you have wid that special one..


how hard is it to stop the heart from loving??

as hard as stoppng the eye from blinkng..
the more u control it..the more it hurts..


apologizng doesn't always mean that u're wrong..
at times..
u do it because u value the relationship..& u love the person
more than u're ego..


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