Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 86

" difference bet. goodbye & letting go:

goodbye - -i'l see u again. when i'm ready to hold ur hand,
& u're ready to hold mine.

letting go - - i'll miss ur hand. i realized it's not
mine to hold & i will nver hold it again. "


" falllin inluv is nver a dcxon, always by chance..
stayin inluv is nver a chance, always by choice..
nd fallin out of luv is nver a choice, always a decixion..


"it hurts love someone when u can't tell what u really feel.
coz sometimes we get hurt without them knowing.
we get jealous without the right to feel that way.
we want their time without being in the position to
demand for it. until our heart is breaking in silence .
but despite it, we continue to love bcoz somehow in this
hurtful love, there's still the hope of having simple moments
with them. even if it means being just a friend.


"one of the biggest forms of flattery is knowing that just by
being ur normal and wonderful self, u make someone fall in love..


d most romantic thing n da world s wen u have dat truly honest
moment w/ d person u luv & u can
literally see urself growin old together..


A Guilty Thought"

" You won't fall out of love with someone if you did not
fall in love with somebody else.


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