Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 82

we don't chus the person we fall for..

it just hits us lyk a bullet and bang!!

w cudnt feel it at first..

unless we see ourselvs

bleeding ryt?


Its pointless to b in a relationshp f u cnt
c urslf w/ ur partnr..

whom u cn share & talk things w/..

whom u cn b frnds w/..4 wen d passion runs out,
ur love 4 each other will remain..


loving someone is one thing, being loved by
someone is another thing but being loved by the person
you love?
that's just about EVERYTHING.


everyday, the pain of knowing what will happen
goes deeper & deeper. i'm tired & restless.
can i just give up? counting the days isn't that easy..


I always get to the point that i already want to
give up my silly feelings for him but no matter how
hard i try..i always end up LOVING him even more..x'(


sumtyms 2 pipol dcyd 2b "jz frnds" evn f dey
stil luv each oder

n i often wnder y? i supose 8s nt d luv dts so hard
2 sustain bt d commitmnt dt complica8s evrything..


why would i ruin the perfect beautiful petals
of a flower when i know from the start that he loves me not?


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