Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 65

Time is d most playful element because..

it lengthens d minutes wen u wait..

and rushes d hours wen u enjoy d moments..


lyf hs great options, but you don't always
hve to pick wt seem to be d best sometimes
d best sometimes d best & perfct aren't always
wt mkes u hapi...


one of the things i've learned lately:

action is definetely louder than words.

but words are still the medium of expressing
your true emotions..
coz sometimes even too much actions are still misunderstood..
especially if its is ignored..


lyf can be happier & less stressful if we remmber 1 simple

" we can't have all dat we desire, but God will give us all
wat we deserve..


Dnt let any1 hold ur hapiness n deir hands.
hold it in urs, so it will always be w/ n ur reach..

STAY HAPPY. its not merely an emotion..
its a choice..


let me share ds beautiful txt.

I asked GOD," how do i get the best out of life?"

God answered: "dnt be a prisoner frm ur past.leave ur past
behind coz we cn nver change d past, bt we cn correct our
mistakes, handle your present w/ confidence.
prepare for the future without fear..


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