Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friendship Qoutes Texts Messages 32

I may not b frnd uv alwayz
wnted nor sm1 spcial 2 b proud of.

bt just 4 kping me as me s enaf rizon
4 me 2 say

4 lettng me ocupy a lil space n ur lyf..;-)


its magic hw frndshp grws,
its also a mstry hw it fails bt 1
thng s 4 sure 1 truly am proud 2 hv u as my frnd
nd dats hw its gonna b til d end.


" the world's happiest friends never have the same

dey just have d best understanding of their differences..


" a friend is one of the nicest thing s u can have and one
of the best things u can be. friendship isn't a big
thing, it's a million little things!


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