Monday, March 16, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 79

how desperately we wish 2 maintain
our trust in dos we love! in da face of everything,,
we try 2 fnd risons 2 trust.
bcoz losing faith is worse dan falling out of love..


i often sit back & recal dos
gr8 events we shrd 2geder
bt js nw i realyzd, 8 wasnt rily d evnts dt r gr8

8s d tot dt n most of my happy moments,
u were der.....


they met..but the timing isn't right..he has his
reasons & she has too..they're both confused..
so they decided to part ways.. he wants her to wait
she said she will..wat ever it takes..
years later.. they saw each other again..but too much time
has passed..too late to make it work..
lesson? people change, so does the heart..seize the moment..
for in truth..nobody waits forever..


"sum thngs maybe nothing for us, yet it cud mean
d world for others. similarly,
sum thngs may be easy for others.
realyz ds and knw y at tyms forgiveness cums hard.

lesson: make d utmost care 4 other people's feelings,
coz sorry s not always an effctive remedy..