Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 78

its not wrong to miss the person u had before,
its just a proof dat ur'e a gud person in way dat
u stil care for them even if they left u hanging.


"no person has the right to condemn me on how i repair
my heart..
bcoz no one knows hw much i g8 hurt..


"immature people always want to win an argument,
even at the cost of a relationship.
mature people understand that its always better to
lose an argument and win a relationship.


u know wats weird? "its wen u already have dat
someone who holds your heart but still u fall
inlove with another who just simply walked by.


msunderstanding the sweetness of a person
when you thought it was love...


Y does d1 we luv so much doesnt know hw much
we luv dm?
dy take us 4 granted? hurt us so much?
mybe coz dy put in mind dt wat ever dy do
dy know we cn't let dm go!


"leaving someone" u have dt ryt.

bt at least tel dem y..

bcz wats even mor painful dan being abandoned is
knwing u'r not worth an xplanation..


is it wrong 2 gve a hug 2 gve a kiss 2 mke memories
even though you are not lovers? it maybe....

but remember, d sweetest things r gained accidentally!


Seduction isnt making sum1 do sumthing
they don't want 2 do..
its enticing sum1 2 do smthng they
secretly alrdy wnna do..


if its nt urs, it will nver be urs no matter hw much
u r obsess w/ it.
bt f n case...jst n case..
its 4'll always b 4 u no mter hw often u ignor it..


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