Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 75

drs no way we cn stop
ourselves from follin nluv..

bt we cn always set limitations up 2 wt extent
we cud give..

8s nevr a sin 2 luv..

d only crazy thng bout 8 s dt we sim 2 4get ourslves
wen we tot we found sum1 hu cn makes us compl8..



i wonder hw i cn easily fool othr pipol,
by hiding bhind a smyl & telling dem i fil
fine, wen each nyt i cry myslf 2 sleep;

wshng i was gud enough 2 fool evn myslf..


8s not wrong 2 stil luv sum1
dt uv lovd b4..
bt f d luv u fil bring tears 2 sum1 els,
b fair coz u myt nver knw dt d 1
uv hurt s d 1 hu cud luv u evn more!


Real Love? its something not expressed in words..
not evn in actions. its sumthing that's just felt.
without needing to say, nor hear or do sumthn 2 prove it.
its sumthn dat defies, and can nver be defined by tym
spent together, by distance, by age not even by sex.
coz wen u love truly, everything's nothng.
evn n silence, love hears. even n absence, love sees.
it's knowng dat watever hapns, whoever cums, d filing's stil the same.


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