Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 74

Don't afraid 2 receiv luv mor dan u cn return.
b afraid dt u cnt giv back d luv although
u rily can. luv needs not to be equal or fair,
8 only needz 2 b true..:)


dont rush on falling inluv,
4 luv nver runs out!
evn if twnan k nla coz ur stil single,
jst tel dem,

"God is just busy writng d best luv story 4 me"!

sumtyms we hav 2 give up wonderful
thngs just 2 mke evrything alryt..
we have 2 bleed alone 4 sumbody 2 smile..
we nid those tirs flow just to save d tirs of others..
we have 2 break our own heart to fill sumbody else's
emptines & der r tyms wer we have 2give up our own
happiness just 2 rescue sum1 else's burden..
dats what u call was never fair & wil nver be.!


luv not too much,
bt real..
prepare to get hurt,
bt don't complain
luv is not bein hapi ol d tym,
fil free 2cry 4awyl,
bt luv like uv nver lost ur smyl:)


u know wats sad bout love?
its wen u happen 2 know dat ders jst
no hope 4 u bein 2geder yet u stil pray 2 mke it work..
its wen ur mind says let go but ur heart says hold on..
its wen u drim of dat person almost every nyt only 2 wake up
in d morning wid tirs in ur eyes..
nd most of ol its wen no matter how u try 2 4get dat person u jst cnt..
coz of d fact dat u love dat person nd u jst dnt knw y..


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