Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Quotes Text Messages 62

A boy luvs has gf so much.He askd her out bt d grl sed
dt she's too bz. A wik l8r, he askd her agen bt stil,
she refused. it hd be a month snce d grl last taklk 2 him.
d guy mizd her so mch! 1 nyt, wyl walking.
he saw his gf w/ another guy. His tears fell, & he went home.
knw wt he did? He called her cryin say"hi baby, i miss u.
dey sed ur on a trip, hope ur enjoying, have a safe way back hir.
take care, i.luv u"

dats luv, its not blind, it sees! bt it nver minds..:(


luving is always a learning process.
with luv, we learn how 2 care & sacrifice. we learn
2 be unselfish & gve more dan wat we can. And wen evrything
dosnt end well, we learn how it fils 2 fol & get hurt. but
learning dosnt have 2 end der!
after d fol, we strive 2 get back on our feet & move on,
dis is wat we learn, dat lyf dosnt end wer hartaches begin!
its true dat der is lyf in luv! but der can stil be lyf even
aftr losing luv,,,:(


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