Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 55

I do not have the capability to paint the
skies blue when the dark clouds sets in but
i do have an umbrella we can both share in case those
raindrops fall..


i cud nver chose wt s d best 4 u..
nver cud i say wat u shud do..

but juz rmmber dat wen dbest thngs r going wrong,

"Jesus" will always b dir 2 mek u strong.


Smile. It makes a world of difference.

dance. Who knows when u won't be able to?
Cry. Holding those emotions insyd is bad for u.

Kiss. Its one of d most wonderful thngs in dis world.

laugh. What's d point in hiding happiness?

Frown. Why not let them know ur unhappy?


sometimes GOD arrives in a whisper...other
tyms HE just drops in..
But no matter how God enters r lyvs..
He always brngs sumthng nice,,:)


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