Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 54

You'll never know who truly cares till your whole world goes dark
If you fall into pictures, look at your side
Sum1 is their reaching out for your hand
Just take it, its Jesus. God Bless!


A nive thought:

"you must never compare yourself to anyone..
except from the previous you..


" I won't dare question God why i undergo trials & challenges.
because i never question him when i experience joy and victory.

like now..i ddnt question hm why i am being hurt..


i lyk ds nice thought:

"CONTENTMENT is NOT always d fulfillment of wt u WANT
its d realization of how BLESSED u r for wat u already HAVE.


think about this:

"anyone can make you happy by doing
something special, but only someone special
can make you happy without doing anythng..


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