Monday, October 27, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 51

I cannot teach wat i don't know.
i can't giv wat i don't hav. i can't 4get
but i can love even f im nt bein loved back!


relationships fall out of place
if there is dishonesty even with little things
the two person involved needs to know.


somtimes wen dey ask us to stay,
we feel imprtant, but den, at the back of our
mind, we ask ourselves,
are we WANTED? Or just NEEDED?


I dnt get it y a lot of pipol love happy endings
so much..i'm thnkng, no matter how happy
endng was,
still, it has ended..


somtyms, we nid 2 4get sum pipol from our past..
bcoz of one simple reason:
dey just dont belong in our future..


its hard 2let go of d dffrent memoriz
uv shared w/ sum1 else..
wb u rmmber d tears, ul laugh..
funny inst it?
but wn u rmmber d laughs, ul cry ryt?


luv can always w8 f ur truly n'luv a feelng in ur heart
wil nver change & stand even w/ a test of tym.
jst rmmber, da measure of luv is da measure
of sacrifice.


U rili can't deny wen ur inluv..
no matter wt u do..even f u try nt 2 b affcted..
u just can't! it jst shows dt ur "mind can deny,
but ur heart won't lie"


i am wanted by many.
im looking at some.
i am taken by none. but i am waiting for one.


do you know the biggest possible favor
that can i ask from you?

that's taking good care yourself..
while were not together..


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