Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 50

Qouted from a political science professor:

"take 4 example the statement:
i love you forever.
diz is false, 4 "forever" is not empirically quantifiable..
the appropriate statement is:
"i love you today, ask me agen tomorrow f i stil do."


U myt find 8 easy 2 fall nluv with sum1..
d hard thngs s how 2 kip sum1 4ever?!
bt datz d CHALLENGE of luv FIGHTING w/0 knwing
how 2 WIN...


sumtyms, u jst cant tel anybody how u rili fil..
nt bcuz u don't knw y,
nt bcuz u dnt trust dem..
bt bcuz..
u cn nver rili find d ryt wrds 2 mek dem understand..


in a relationship, i only want 3 thngs:

--eyes that won't cry..
--lips that won't lie...and
--love that won't die."


wen i start 2 feel dt im nt importan 2 a prson,

i tke d initiave 2 stay away..

so wen sum1 fils dat im quite far, it doesnt mean dat i intetionally
letf d person..

mybe i jst felt dat d person doesnt nid me at as much as b4 anymor..


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