Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Qoutes Texts Messages 48

to catch a butterfly dnt run after it..
just wait,relax and open ur handz..
it will just land in ur hands..
dats d way to find love..


in times, its hard to determine whether you really
have a feeling for someone, or you are just carried
away by the good things he does.

in other words, you can never say if you are
returning the love, or just returning the favor..


everyday i try 2prove 2myself how wrong i am
w/ my conceptions w/ boyz.
everyday i giv dem benefit of d doubt.

hoping dat dey wud prove otherwise.

&yet everyday.. though i find risons 2 lyk dem..
i find a whole dozen of risons why i shud not trust dem.

boyz r great friends.. not boyfriends!


"its not being in love dat makes you happy..

its who you're in love with that does.."


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