Monday, September 15, 2008

Love Qoutes texts Messages 47

luv s lyk a STAPLER its easy 2 attach but hard 2 detach
and d worst is wen ur able 2 detach it
it stil leaves the paper.. "DAMAGED"..!


sumtyms, u jz cnt tel anybody hw u rili fel..
nt bcoz u dnt knw y,
nt bcoz u dnt trust bcoz..
u cn nver rili fyn d ryt words 2 mek dem understnd..


do u blive in ds qoute?

f two past lovers rmain frndz, it's either dey are still n love,
or dey'r still hoping for?


how 2 get ovr luv..say gdbye bt nvr say hello agn
4get bt nver rgret pck up d piecez bt nvr fix 8 fil d pain
bt nver kip 8 & aftr dt.. move on..


"being dumdp, taken for grantd & hurt by d one dey
love s d rizon y many ppol chuz to FLIRT dan 2 b in a RELATIONSHP"
,dfintelty true!


i wnder how people can tell me that they love me.
yet they werre nver there to mke me feel it.


isnt s2pid hw we olweys say we hate d prson
we luvd b4 bt d truth s dat ders stil luv bt wer jst too scared 2 admit
knwing dt dey olredy luv sm1els..!


nver assure dt love s enuf 2 mke sum1 stay or come bck 2 u.
bcoz wen pain strikes d hart, love fades awawy
no matter how great it is.


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