Monday, September 15, 2008

Inpirational Qoutes 53

math tells us 3 of the saddest love stories.
tangent lines who had 1 chance 2 met n den
parted 4ever. parallel lines who nver meant 2 met,
asymptotes who cn get closer bt wil nver b 2gether..


happiness s nver lost f u jz know wr 2 luk 4 it
its always n ur heart wer luv,
hope, & trust lives.
stay happy! for dts wt lyf s meant 2 b....


no matter how painful your decision your
decission has been, as long as you can sleep well at night,

it means that you made the right choice..


mama mary called me 2day, asked whho needs 2b blessed. I gave
ur name. f u lov her snd dis to 10 pipol.
in 5 min sumthng gud wil hppn..pls sacrifice..

___________________________________________________ d sky opens in2 a bryt morning may God of heaven shower u a lot
of blessings & opportunities & mke ur day a truly fulfilling one.


contnment s not found having evrything, but being satisfied
w/ evrything u have.


" i will nver change my originality 4 d sake of others.
bcoz in ds world, no one cn play my role better dan me.
so i shud be myself and win d world.


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