Friday, August 8, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 44

"its tough wen some1 special starts to ignore u..
..but its even tougher to pretend dat u don't mind..
wel n fact it rily does..:(


wen u've bin very much inlove w/ sum1, u can't rili b frnz
aftr 8 falls apart.. bcoz 8 hurts 2 c each odr & recall dat u
did ur bst but stil 8 ddnt last..


boy: what's ur biges fntasy?
girl: 2 b kissed by sum1 n d rain, how abwt u?
boy: 2 b dat sum1 kissing u n d rain,..


The mutual understanding (MU)
u stay 2gder, do thngs 2gder, spend tym w/ each oder, & u share
evrything..except one thing..commntment!:)



lonely ghurl said...

your quotes is so very cute....
i love it...

ann julien said...

pwede mka relate! hehe