Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tagalog Funny Qoutes Text Messages 22

GMA n her family riding an airplane..
GMA: wat f i throw 1 check worth a million
pesos out of d window 2 mke at least 1 filipino
MIKE ARROYO: honey, y not throw 2 checks
worth half a million pesos 2 mke 2 filifinos hapi?
LULI ARROYO: mom, y not throw 4 checks worth
quarter of a million 2 mke
4 filipinos hapi?
finaly her grandaughter spoke:
grandma, y not simply throw urself out da wndow
2 mke all filipinos hapi!..pakalat ntin dali...


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Anonymous said...

i luv it..!!!!hahaha..!!!!!