Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love Qoutes texts Messages 39

luv s a big scrifice..
u 4gve n try 2get..
u knw ul cry bt u stl gv 8 a try..
ur hurt bt u stl luv..
u wr btrayed bt u stil hope..
uv bn left bt u still wait..


1 thing i've learned from falling out of love:
" f u don't love the person at all..
nver give him/her reasons to love you even more.."


wat'z d best revenge i cud ever do to
the one hu broke my heart?..
I just let dat person see dat im happy
without him?..


this must be the most dfficult and
painful siuation any girl wud be put in:

" i am jut the gil he commited 2..
but not the girl he loved..'


falling n luv s smply awful..
bt falling out of luv s much awful..


wen 8 comes 2 luv, its hard 2knw if u hv d ryt 1.
many promises hv bn mde
bt stil lovers weep & left in sorrow.
y? bcoz words cntimmortalize emotions!


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