Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friendship Qoutes Texts Messages 23

Do u know d relationship btwen ur 2 eyes?
dey blink 2geder, move 2gedr, cry 2gedr,
c thngs 2gedr & sleep 2gedr.
even though they nver c each other.
friendship should n just lyk dat.
life is hell without friends.
who is your best friend?
send this 2 all your good friends.
even me if i am one of them. c how many u get back.
f u get mor dan 7, den u r a really lovable person:)


friendship nver speaks
it nver dmands proof..
it nver has a hapi ending too..

simply bcoz 8 doesnt end as long as frnds are true..


i'd rather treasure an enemy
hu frankly says dat he/she hates me,.
dan 2 kep a frnd hus passion is to put
me down secretly..


i my not olweiz do or say d lil thngs 2 let
u knw hw much i appreciate u,
but ders 1 thng am sure of:
my wrld smylz more bcoz ur in it..


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