Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 32

f kisses wre water,i'll giv u d sea.
f hugs were leaves, i'll give u a tree.
f love s a planet. i'll giv u d galaxy.
f friendship is lyf, i'll giv u mine 4 FREE.


I dnt know y i kip on luvin u dsspyt the fact
dat i'll get hurt agen just lyk b4.
I nver learn, coz i dont wan2..not now,
while im still strong 2 fol 4 u ovr & ovr agen.


It's rily hard 2 say gudbye 2 som1
else u dont wnt 2 let go,
bt even mor its painful 2 ask som1
2 stay f u cn nver mke d relationsp work
out d way it should be.


Love is not a game to be played
but LOVE is d greatest gft from
GOD to be valued, so love sum1 freely,
deeply ad truly as Jesus did at Calvary for u & me!


Words begin with A,B,C numbers begin
with 1,2,3 Music begins with do,re,mi.
And friendship begins w/ u & me!


f sum1 wud as me wat a beautiful lyf means,
i wud lean my head on ur shouldr n hold u close
2 me n answer w/ a syl"
lyk ds!


you must be a thief cause you stole my heart,
u must be tire cause you're always running through
my mind. And mybe i'm
a bad shooter cause i keep missing you.


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crisya11 said...

So nice pu tlga mga kowtZZ nio !

very inspiry .,, i really really

do appreciate it ! prmiz po..

relate tlga n teenage.. kip it

up.. en sna mkgawa p kau ng mrming

mrmi..pra mai mbasa kmi n mk22long

d pu in our luvlyf..tnx 4r makin

ds kind of website...

by the way txt me :) heheks..
dz my no.09283923740