Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 31

Sumtyms, 8s not lov,
sumtyms, uv jz bcum so attched dt
uv devlopd a nid 4 dt prson,
juz a nid, not luv.
but ur 2 scared 2 adm8 8,
even 2urcelf. coz u knw
dt f u do, u myt lose d prson
dt actually gvs a damn abwt ur lyf.


i knw dr r days u fil dt ur hart
s brokn agen, wel, u knw
y? coz instead of movin on and walking 4rward
u hurt urcelf by...looking back..:(


Nver let sum1 hurt u twice,
gving him a 2nd chance s xposing urcelf 2 b hurt agen,
f he hd done 8 once, 8z bound 2 hapen agen,y?
coz u giv hm idea dat no mater hw much hel hurt u,
ud stil acept hm ol over agen, gvng him d pwer 2 hurt u agen,
once s enuf 2 learn..


textng is the foundation of loving of the each other
person. 8 cn also b a source of delight 4 ur heart any time.


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