Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friendship Qoutes Texts Messages 21

....Today s world Bestriends Day.
send 2 all ur Good friends,even me,
hoping i'm 1 of them.
c hw many u get back.
U r lovable if u get 7! Happy Bestfriends Day!


i knw u hav woris..
i knw u hav fears.
iknw hw u kip 8 ol nsyd,
& hw u fytback d tirs..
Bt u must rmember,
Lyf isnt 4 u alon 2bear
im hir & i care!..


true frends are lyk mornings..
u cant have dem hul day
but u can b sure dat dey wil
b der wen u wake up 2morrow,
nxtyr., & 4ever...


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