Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Morning And evening Encouragement 1

Daily prayer; Whatevr plans i hav in mind,
Lord i surrender them to you.
I will do the best i can but in the end, let your will
be done. amen.


May God send his love like sunshine in his warm
and gentle ways to fill every corner f you


God unfolds each day like the petals of rose,
each gentle touch a beauty to behold, hope
each of your moments today be so held
with his tender loving care.


Hope u wake up with a smile on
your face, a heart full of love and a morning
full of inspiration, with a prayer that God
will bless u always.


Trusting God won't make d mountain smaller but it
will make climbing easier. Hope you will be able
to climb all your mountains today and everyday.
have a great ahead.


Don't let little things get you down
you've got many big reasons to look up to God and say thanks.
It's going to be a great day.


As d day trns n2 nyt, kip ur wories out of syt.
Close ur eyes and go 2 sleep,4 al d gud tyms r urs 2 kip
no mater how tuf d wrld may seem, i stil wish u
d swtist drms.


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