Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inspirational Qoutes Texts Messages 33

lyf is full of uncertainties. We'll nevr know
wen our time on earth is up till its over.
So take many pics, laugh much,take time
ti luk up at the stars, sing loudly, feel d cold wind,
smile a lot, & love like uv nver been hurt coz every
sixty seconds u spend is a minute of happiness ul
nver get back...


Seconds prayer Lord thank u for this great day
i love u and i need u 2 come into my heart.
Do bless me, my family, my home, my work
and my friends. with you all things are possible. In jesus name amen.
Pls. Pass this to 8 people something gud will come 2 u tomorrow pls try..


MAMA MARY PRAY for US = pakipasa mo to s 7 mlapit
n tao sau, wag mo burahin kng d mo pa nppsa..Mniwla k 22lngan k ña.
pgktpos ipasa may big blessings ka agad.


pls pas d prayer as many as u can (includng me)

If rplies, ur wish wil be granted...PL DO IT NOW.


In ur Journey 2 lyf,
d word of God s ur mAp, & his wisDom s uR cOmpAsS.
aND wEn u fAcE bAtTLeS, lEt loVE b aRmoR,
& lEt God b ur sHElTEr..!


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