Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Quotes Text Messages 16

Wen u luv,
jst be honest!
remember that....
it is better to tel
the truth to make
some1 CRY than
2tel a lie to mke
some1 SMILE....


Love s not da onli reson y a relationshp stnds 4 yrs or til 4evr...
We myt thnk dat love holds d relationshp...But wat f, u love 2
much & 4get dat love can also weaken, worse or dstroy a strong
relationshp? We jz hv 2 realyze dat love isnt enuf...D secret of
hving a strong, lasting relationshp is...2 trust d1 u love & 2 accept
his/her weaknesses or mistakes...It's not how many times u hv
4given...But how u hav shown undrstandng and patience...


dey say past is past,
u need 2 move on...
2 see d future....
but, how can u mov on
wen ur past is the only
thing u ever wanted in
the future?!...:(


iv bn n ds world for 24 yrs nt knwn f il stl b hir
4d nxt yr 2 cum so b4 my lyf ends @ least u hir
me sayin "SORI" 4d mstakes iv done...& "TNX"
4 crosin my way...


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