Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love Quotes Text Messages 15

Dr was a grl dt vry nLuv d hr bf evnthou dy wr far
frm each other, d grl w8 untl hr bf cmbak, b4 d guy
cmbak, she rcv a news dt hr bf wl b gtng maried, aftr
hearing dt she cryd overnyt. after 2 wix, she rcv a card
frm d guy, bt she dnt want 2 rid d guys xplenation. d tym
coms, she went 2 d church, nt 2 watz d wedng bt 2 kil
d guy, she shot d guy. d guy died aftr d burial, she open
d card, 8 says "Honny, I Love U...Will U Marry Me?"..


A sad & mean story 1st der wer lovers, n d past few
days dey always quareled coz of msundertanding. 1
day, d guy nvyted her gf 2 his haw...nsyd d rum, d
guy sed: "f u rli lov me, gve me wat i want..." d grl
kiz his bf imediately & surederd her virginity 2 his
bf. Aftr dat, d bf sed: "im not yet fineshed talking a
wyl ago, wat i want s a BREAK UP!...


D day ive known you,
i went home carrying
a smyl u mayB jz an
ordianry person 2 a lot
of pipol. but 4 me ur sum1
il cherish up 2 d end of my lyf...=)


Sumtyms we dream on ideal Luv
we wnated, wen it comes we gv d bst
2hold on 2 it bt thou we gave more dan
enuf dey stl hurt us 4d rezon we dnt


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