Monday, October 22, 2007

Love Qoutes Text Messages 9

A heart truly nluv
nver losses hope,
but always bliv n d promise
of matter hw long d tym
& how far 8s dstance a prson
nluv can...


do i hav 2 say takecre!
yez! i must!!
so dat 2morrow f i ddnt wke up
at least i hv told u
hw much"rachel" cares a lot 4 u....


When u miss someone so much,
U'l find every possible way
to let ur msgs get thru.
Hope u'l be able to rcv dis,
so dat u'l know
how much i love u..


"Thank U!"
4 being a part of me..
4 ur txt and messges..
4 sharing ur tym w/ me..
Just wnna tell you dat im so happy
2 hav you...;-) tkecare?..


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