Saturday, October 27, 2007

Love Qoutes Text Messages 10

"wen u fall in love, u go into a state of insanity
wer u lose control of urself, consciously or unconsciously.
wat maters is u fall in lov w/ sum1 who won't take advantage
of ur insanity, but wil respct u & tke the rsponsbilty of bein
luvd by an insane person." morning!...


One day, a girl got a note from her bf saying:
"we're finished. cud u send my photographs
back?" d girl then sent a pile of pictures of
different Boys wd d message: "i can't rmember
what u look like. cud you please just take out
ur photos nd send da rest back?"
Don't dare initiate break-ups wid ur gurl!


Nver gve up of d probs
that u face nver gveup of d pains
& sacrifice,nver gve up 4 d luv that u fyt 4!
rmember god cn rely help thos trails...


fall in love?
that's a hard thing 2 do.
id rather have a BEER.
8 makes u WARM inside,
much like love.
Then wen u had too much 2
DRink u fall hard. same with
thing w/ love.
But wen u have too much LOVE & get hurt,
8 takes so LONG 2 recover. while w/ BEER?
Just a SLEEP & it's over.

so do I still want 2 fall inLove?

C'mon! i'd rather have a BEER instead!

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