Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 22

If u cnt have da bst of wat u want,
learn 2 mke da bst of wat u have.
"a vision w/o action is a daydrmng;
an action w/o vision is a nytmare."
happy people r those who dnt have
many things n life,but they knw how
2 mke the bst of the few things they hav.
Good Mawnin! Stay Happy!


For whoever exalts himself will be humbled,
and he who humbles himself will be exalted
(Lk 14:7)
Lord grant me the humility to accept the...
things I cannot change in my life,
turn my pride into humble service to Church
and Country that I may be able change the
things I can change...God Bless!...


2lungan mo kami sa mga problma
nmin ipasa mo ito sa 9 ktao ksma ako
mata2ngap mo ang milagro bukas,
wag mong burahin pg dmo pa na4rward.


There's no point in sacrificing your happiness
when it doesn't conform to what your heart
dictates. As everyone is created uniquely
everyone does get a right to choose where they'd
be happy...if it ensures lifetime happiness, then go for it.
you wouldn't want a miserable life faking the world
w/ smiles....


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