Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 20

"5 fingers of prayer"
1. Your thumb is nearer to you,
so pray for those who are closest to you
2. Pointing finger: pray for those
teach, instruct, & heal
3. Tallest finger: pray for our
leaders, they need God's guidance
4. Ring finger: weakest finger
so pray for those who are weak,
troubled or in pain
5. Little finger: the smallest
to remind you to pray for yourself


38 secnds pryr:" Lord, i luv & i nid u,come n2 my
hart & bless me, my family,home, & frendz, n jesus name Amen.
Pas to 8 people xcpt me. pls pas b4 u erase.


Mama Mary called me 2day & asked who needs
2b blessed. I gave her ur #. if u love her pls
4ward to 10 pipol & in 5 min something
gud will happen. Pls sacrifice.


" Leave someone, u have dat ryt..
But d least u can do s tel dem y..
Bcoz, wats even worse, wats even more painful
than being abandoned, s knowing
ur not even worth an expalanation.


Ol d waters n d ocean cud never sink
a ship unless it gets nsyd; lykwise ol
d presures of lyf can nvr hurt u
unless u let it n.. Gud am!


Don't get disappointed wen GOD
doesnt giv u wat u want for he knows
d best tym 4u to have 8. GOD has a
rison for allowing things to happen
u may never understand his wisdom
but we simply have to trust his will.
We face all challenges beyond all d
problems cause we beliv dat d more
pain we overcome d more stronger
we become. Just hold on and b strong
GOD s with us. GOD bless!

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