Saturday, September 1, 2007

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 11

its important to remember that u can never regain
something you left in the past...shift ur focus to the
present & deal with the state of things as they are
instead of clinging to some memory of what u once
had...memories maybe nice...but thats all they are...


The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth
in order to strengthen those whose hearts are
fully committed to Him.
-2 chron 16:9
Good Morning...Have a nice blesd day!


JOY: Jesus Christ,others second,yourself last.
May u have great JOYful day!


If we Depend on Christ for evrything,we can endure
anything. Hav a nice day!


Love Boat...god is on board.
share a ride& feel his wndrful
gift of love...have a blessed day!

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